simple symmetry

April 2, 2014

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i once told myself i'd never write about you
not about the mornings spent together
or the first time i noticed the soft edges of your eyes
i promised to never pen the number of freckles scattered across your milky surface
or share the peculiar ways in which you breath in the middle of the night
i never wanted to describe the warm corners of your neck
or illustrate the winding folds along your hips
i had no need for your hands to be the basis of every narrative
or the desire to seek your lobes whenever i felt cold
see, i knew your fleshy scars would destroy not flourish
the same way your bitten finger nails were never allowed to grow
the tip of your kisses would smother me underwater
and the yellow in your eyes would fill my lungs with salt water
therefore, i would not place you in the centre of my art
for you are a flaw and i need no reminder
that what you do is tarnish and ruin
and i refuse to be amongst your past lovers
painting a face that never mattered


finding unfinished poems from last year and positioning plants in every corner of the apartment,
welcome April.


  1. I love this poem. So beautiful, so vulnerable. I love that "and i refuse to be amongst your past lovers painting a face that never mattered"... Welcome back Zoe :)

  2. Wow...that is a beautiful poem. Sounds like I couldn't have wrote it better myself about my own experiences.

  3. Oh, it is so good to have you back in the interwebs! Your writing is just amazing! Whatever, you do, don't ever stop writing... and if possible, sharing your work with us!

  4. This is so quaint and lovely.
    Poetry is best when it is raw and heartfelt. Can't wait to see more! x


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